Don't be a tourist, eat like a local


Discover well-known venues and hidden gems when you experience a Foothill Foodie food and cocktail tour. Eat, drink and walk your way through beautiful downtown Greenville sharing your experience with fellow foodies! This is a fun and unique way to explore Greenville from a local perspective, and discover what makes it such a special place. We are committed to providing our guests with a high quality of excellence by delivering authentic experiences to make your visit to Greenville a memorable one. Our curated, food and cocktail tours offers the guest an opportunity to interact with local food experts. Check out our culinary and cocktail tours below or contact us with any questions.

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for every occasion

Buy a gift card as a treat for yourself or the ones you love. Spend some quality time together walking around downtown Greenville and having some delicious food and drinks.


Lunch with an Artist

Begin your artistic experience at Larin’s, one of the oldest retail buildings in Greenville. A popular steakhouse, you will enjoy a luncheon created just for you by their Executive Chef. Meet the Artists at the Art Crossing, meet 1:1 with the artists, explore their mediums, learn their stories, and become a part of their creative journey. Then return to Larkin’s for a decadent dessert!


Thirsty Thursdays

Bring your friends, co-workers, neighbors…or come by yourself! It’s a party on Thursday - let’s begin the weekend early and together with other foodies! Discover some of Greenville’s hidden gems and secret locations while experiencing cocktail combinations and special appetizers made with you in mind.


Friday evening
Vine, Shine & Stein Cocktail Tour

A unique tour featuring some of Greenville’s best Beer, Wine, and Moonshine…and a Champagne Cocktail and Crepe to complete the experience! Discover Greenville’s hidden gems and secret locations on this tour, bring your special someone to share this experience with!


Saturday morning
breakfast touR

Visit some of Greenville’s “hottest” breakfast spots. Crepes, Biscuits, French Toast, Chicken and Waffles…just some of the food featured! Prepare to be amazed at the array of delicious breakfast offerings, learn local secrets, Greenville History and more about Greenville’s exploding foodie culture - all while exploring downtown Greenville.


Saturday afternoon
Just Desserts

Enjoy some of Greenville’s finest southern and European hand crafted dessert creations at beautiful downtown locations filled with storied pasts and historic relevance.


Saturday eveninG
Craft Cocktail TouR

Meet Greenville’s newest generation of cocktail creators, taking craft cocktails to a whole new level. Enjoy an extraordinary array of appetizers designed to complement your cocktails. Walk, drink and eat your way through Greenville enjoying what makes this city so unique and wonderful!